CryoGel Aftercare

Skin restoration science

Our innovations

Using patented technology, our cryo gels provide skin restoration in the skincare, aftercare and medicare industries.


Aftercare should not be an afterthought

Cooling, soothing, hydrating & rejuvenating after-care gels for sensitive skin, post abrasive anti-ageing procedures in salons & spas. The first 24 hours after microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels and any non-surgical medi-aesthetics procedure are the most important when it comes to ensuring the best possible results. Keeping the skin cool and hydrated is essential.


Tried, tested and proven

eyeSlices® is globally recognised for harnessing the power of natural ingredients to target tired and puffy ageing eyes, reducing dark circles. These 5 minute skincare miracles hydrate, cool, restore and revive, turning back the clock with every use! Check out our original innovation that has been restoring eyes globally since 2007:


A novel approach to wound-care

Currently in development, our medigels are showing signs of being a potent wound healing agent for acute and chronic wounds with the promise of reducing bleeding, sepsis and antibiotic use. They also have skin rejuvenation effects; being able to reduce inflammation, pain, and redness; as well as the ability to destroy biofilm, kill pathogens and act as a disinfectant against disease forming microorganisms.


Animals deserve our best too

We don’t test our products ON animals, we research FOR animals and their wellbeing. In our development pipeline, our vetgels are showing signs of being a wound healing agent for acute and chronic wounds on animals with the promise of reducing bleeding, sepsis and antibiotic use.

Our technology

We are the first with this globally unique technology

Introducing a world first in CryoGel polymer technology, developed over more than 10 years of research. A perfect marriage between nature and science has resulted in a safe, cooling, soothing and re-usable dermal delivery system that slowly releases active ingredients & moisture into the skin to deliver results.


The CryoGel pad stays cold without being refrigerated. When applied, your body heat warms up the cold CryoGel pad, prompting a slow and steady release of concentrated active ingredients into the skin. The effect of the cold gels, combined with your body heat, helps stimulate the microcirculation in the skin to deliver restoration and rejuvenation. CryoGel pads are re-usable, the gel remains inert while the added active ingredients do the hard work. Over time the gels slowly shrink and eventually dry out after multiple uses.

Soothing & Comfy to use

Re-usable & long lasting

Constant supply of hydration to skin

Non-toxic & chemicals free

Provides instant cooling relief

Our product ranges

Soothing, cooling, hydrating CryoGels

Salons & Spas



Our science: story, technology & results

Combining a unique dermal delivery system with clinically proven ingredients, to create in-clinic treatments and at-home selfcare products that really work.

Our background: the development years

We are meaning makers, who through inspiration, faith and unwavering resolve, innovate globally unique brands that impact lives.​

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We are meaning makers who through inspiration, innovation and unwavering resolve, innovate globally unique brands at affordable prices in order to create disruptive innovations.