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I-Slices Innovations (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2004 by Kerryne Krause and is a research & development company that has patented a globally unique CryoGel polymer skincare treatment patch in various shapes and sizes. 

I-Slices Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2006 to manufacture and these CryoGels for the cosmetic & cosmeceutical industries under ISO 22716 compliance.

EYESLICES UK LTD was registered in 2015 to export and commercialise the products, brands and technology in the global markets.

CryoGels & Polymers
Scientifically developed

The technology is based upon a hydrophilic polymer which is of special interest in the application of medicine with excellent biocompatibility. It is manufactured through a freeze/thaw cycle of polymer in a solution resulting in the formation of physical crosslinking (i.e. weak bonding through a nonpermanent “association” of the polymer chains).

Hydrogels formed through a freeze/thaw process are thermoreversible and are termed “CryoGels”. Such CryoGels are tough, slick, elastomeric, resilient, insoluble in water below 50 degrees Celsius, and most importantly nontoxic. Cryo means to freeze (part of the manufacturing), but the gels are also instantly cold on the skin without a fridge.

Any complex active ingredients are stable in our CryoGels, which are slowly released into the skin with moisture. They provide a cooling sensation without the need to refrigerate & can be re-used as they are are long lasting .No other gel dermal delivery system in the world can claim this combination of benefits. The gel remains inert while the added active ingredients do the work.


A stable, safe, water-based hydrogel, that is reusable. Body heat warms up the solid gel pad to slowly and effectively release moisture and ingredients into the skin. 


Watch the video to see how.

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