Cooling, soothing, hydrating CryoGels for the medi-aesthetics industry

Aftercare should not be an after-thought

The first 24 hours post treatment
are the most important

The first 24 hours after microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, laser or any non-surgical medi-aesthetics procedure are the most important when it comes to ensuring the best possible results. It is important that anything that raises body temperature, such as hot showers, a sauna, steam rooms, and exercise for the first day after treatment, be avoided. Keeping the skin cool, calm and hydrated is essential.

cryoSlices® aftercare gels, are a new innovation developed exclusively for the medi-aesthetics industry to cool, sooth, hydrate & rejuvenate sensitised skin, targeting conditions related to abrasive anti-ageing procedures in salons & spas.

Benefits of using cryoSlices®
as an after-care treatment

Before and after microneedling:
1 x application of 10 minutes

Instantly cooling and soothing

Boosts skin rejuvenation

Reduced redness and skin irritation

Reduces and prevents infection

Free of particles and wound contaminants

Easy observation of the skin while in use

Prevents Scarring

Comfortable and easy to use

Non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-sensitising

Re-usable up to 5 times of 10 minutes per use

Provides skin relief

Hydrates and moisturises the skin

Aftercare should not be an afterthought
Help speed up post recovery

Medi-aesthetic treatments are non-invasive procedures that may result in some temporary side effects, including:

  • Pink or red complexion
  • Feeling that the skin has been sun or wind-burned
  • Slight skin tightness
  • Bruised or sensitive sensation

Most of after-care advice includes oral pain killers, oral antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria, a skin cleansing regime, using a rich moisturiser, using a hydrocortisone cream, use of sunscreen, staying out of the sun, keeping hydrated & avoiding any harsh chemicals or scratching the skin.

The CryoSlices Promise
Fast acting, safe, non-medicated, relief in every slice

Our passion is helping clinics to offer their clients a post treatment product that is non-medicated, provides instant relief and results, ensures bacterial control or elimination, is affordable, easy to use and re-usable. After care is an essential part of the treatment and client satisfaction. Being able to send a client home with as few side effects (visually and emotionally) as possible should be any clinician’s aim and priority. The job is not complete until the after-care is and we can help you achieve that.

A global first - it's our secret how we succeeded

We chose HOCL as a key ingredient in our CryoSlices Range because it Works the same as the Human Immune System! The oxidant produced by the white blood cells Hypochlorous acid or (HOCl) is amongst the most potent natural disinfectants. It is non-toxic to humans, and is highly effective as an antimicrobial agent with rapid action. HOCl is generated under specific electro-chemical conditions using a combination of water, salt (NaCl) and electricity.

  • No chemicals! Totally safe and natural!
  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial (anti-viral and anti-bacterial)
  • Non-Cytotoxic
  • Non-Irritating
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduces pain
  • Clinically proven for efficacy in wound healing

Product Applications
Versatile shapes and applications

Post dermabrasion, microneedling, fruit acid peeling, tattoo removal

To sooth chapped, sensitive & sensitised skins

Post sunburn, skin irritations and acne conditions

To restore skin that has been bruised, contains redness or is inflamed.

Testimonial videos
Nursing moms and the benefits of HOCL and the gels

Play Video

“The same benefits of ice, only better & speeds up the healing” – Physiotherapist

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“Immediate soothing, cooling relief and contributed to the healing of my skin.”

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“A total game change that provided a wave of calm over me, hydration to my skin, reduced pain, was instantly soothing, less inflamed and I could feel the healing” – Collette

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“The gels played a very important role in my breastfeeding journey because they helped with the pain and tenderness of the raw skin, were instantly relieving, cooling and de-sensitising” – Marike

How to use the products
Cleanse - Apply - Relax - Reuse

Ensure a clean skin for active ingredients to be able to penetrate. Do not use any ointments or treatments on the skin prior to use! Ointments can be applied afterwards, but if the patches are being re-used, then ensure that before the next use, the skin has been cleaned and broken skin has been rinsed out with saline.

Apply patches to cover the entire treated area and some of the surrounding skin. Patches can be cut to shape with a sterile pair of scissors if needs be but must cover the entire area.

Keep patches on for 10 minutes or as desired. The patches can be used approximately 5 times of 10 minutes per use or until they have shrunk and dried out. Do NOT use dry patches.

After use, the patches may be rinsed if there is any exudate on them and put back into the base container with the lid on and stored into zip-lock bag to ensure they do not dry out. They can be given to the client to take home and use 3-5 more times. The patches shrink and dehydrate a bit after each use and will eventually dry out completely. Re-use as required/necessary.

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